It is a 4 players game, forming duos, sitting in alternate positions.

  • Players - 4.
  • Deck of Cards - a traditional pack, without the Jokers, 8's, 9's and 10's.
  • Distribution - 10 cards each participant.
  • Objective - Score 4 game points. A game consists in various matches that are worth game points.


  • Trump - suit that is the strongest during a match. A trump card always win against any other cards from the other suits.
  • Round - a 4 plays sequence, where each one plays a card, and the winner takes all four cards.
  • Highest Card - Card with the hishest value from the suit. From the lowest to the highest: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Q, J, K, 7, A.
  • Follow the Suit - play a card from the same suit as the first one played on the round.
  • Flag - when a duo wins all rounds from the match.

The Game

The dealer reveals the last card from the deck, defining the suit from thsi card as the Trump. then deals 10 cards each player, starting with the person next to his left side. Always 10 cards a time. The trump card always goes to the dealer. After that, they play for 10 rounds. The starting player is the one to the left of the dealer. If his/her cards sum up 10 points or less, he can show the hand and all cards are sorted and distributed again. In case the first one starts the match, he must play a card. The following players (in a clockwise fashion) must follow the suit of the frirst card played. If any participant doesn't have cards from this suit, he/she can play any other card from hands. At the end of the round, the winner is determined by the highest trump card. In case there are no trump cards, the highest card from the first suit played wins. The round winner gets all 4 cards, leaving them separated from the rest, with the faces down. This round-winning player strats the next round. After 10 rounds, all players will have their hands empty and they start counting the points from this match.


At the end, all points from each duo is summed up. If a duo is able to Flag, it wins the match automatically (a duo can score 120 points but without winning all rounds, in this case the Flag doesn't happen). If a team scores from 91 to 120 points, scores 2 game points. If it scores from 61 to 90, just 1 game point. If both duos score 60 points, there is a tie. In this case, no one scores game points, and this round game point is added to the next round. The winners of the next round score normally, plus the extra accumulated point. Example: after a tie, a team scores more than 91 points. They score 2 game points for this round plus 1 from the previous round. When any duo scores 4 game points, the game ends and this team is declared the winner.

Round Scoring Values

  • Aces - 11 points.
  • 7 's- 10 points.
  • Kings - 4 points.
  • Jacks - 3 points.
  • Queens - 2 points.
  • 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's - 0 points.

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