The game has from four to eight participants, playing individually.

  • Players - 4 to 8.
  • Deck of Cards - 2 decks of cards, jokers are not used.
  • Sense of game direction - clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Distribution - each player gets 5 ​​cards.
  • Objective - discard all cards.


After the cards are dealt, the first card to be discarded on the table is taken from the top of the pile. This card is considered as a discard from the first player. After this move, the next player must discard a card of the same suit or number as the one on the top of the table. When a player does not have the appropriate card to discard (has no cards of the same suit or number as the card on the top of the table), he/she needs to click on the pile to draw a card, if there are still no cards to discard, the turn must be passed by clicking on the appropriate button (this button is only shown when a player has already drawn a card). The card draw can be made even if the player already has a card that can be discarded. You can only draw 1 card at a time When a player has only 2 cards, its their turn to play and there is a card to discard without the need to draw another card. This player must warn the other players by clicking on "MAU-MAU". Then, must discard a card, remaining with only 1 card. If a player does not warn the others by clicking on "MAU-MAU", may be accused by other players until the next player discards a card or passes the turn. The player must then pay a penalty drawing 5 cards. If a player hits the "MAU-MAU" button with more than 2 cards on the hand, or has 2 cards but none is appropriate to discard, must also pay a penalty drawing 5 cards. The same can happen if the accuse button is hit and there is no one to be accused. The game ends when a player has no cards left, therefore, all cards are discarded, one by one.

Efect cards and penaltys

The efect cards are cards that when discarded cause any effect to the players or to certain aspects of the game.

  • Ace - skips the next player's turn
  • Queen (Q) - When this card is discarded, it reverses the direction of the game. If the direction was clockwise, it becomes anti-clockwise and vice-versa.
  • Jack (J) - The player that discarded this card can choose a suit, and the next player must discard a card with that suit or another jack. The jack can be discarded even if the suit or number of the card on the table are not the same (this rule is not valid when the card on the table is a 7)
  • Seven - The next player draws 2 cards and doesn't discard. However, if he has another 7 to discard, he can choose not to draw 2 cards and discard his seven. In this case the seven was folded, and the next player must draw 4 cards unless he can refold the seven, making the next player draw six cards, and so on.
  • Nine - When a nine is discarded, the previous player must draw one card. Unlike the seven, the nine can not be folded.

The Game

To win the game all cards must be discarded, remaining with zero points. When this happens, the game is over. The less points a player makes, the better his placement is.

The value of each card is the same as its number, except for the jack (worth 30 points) and the queen and king (worth 10 points each). The score of each player is the same as the sum of the cards left in their hand.

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