The Game

The goal of the game Move Move (also know as Mexe-mexe or Machiavelli) is to be the first player to go out.

On this game, you only draw cards from the pile when you don't have any melds to play or any cards to add to the melds already on the table Each player can interact with all the melds on the table. You can play a newly made meld or change the melds on the table, and even erase melds already done to make new melds, as long as all the melds on the table remain valid.

General Rules

The game distributes 11 cards to each one of the 4 players, and the rest of the cards form the draw pile.

The first player checks their hand and sees if they can play any meld. The melds must be made of 3 cards or more and can be formed by sequential cards or by the same card of different suits.If the player can't or doesn't want to play a meld, they must draw a card from the draw pile and must wait until their next turn to play again. Then, the turn passes to the next player in the clockwise direction.

The next player does the same thing as the previous and the game goes on until a player goes out and wins it.During the game, if the draw pile runs out of cards, the game ends and the winner is the player with less cards in their hand.

On the game, the melds on the table are owned by everyone. The players can freely move the cards to form new valid melds, as long as they add at least one card from their hand to the table.On their turn, players can manipulate any cards and melds necessary to try and get rid of all the cards on their hand.

The plays are only valid if, after all the card movements made by the players, only valid melds remain on the table. All melds must be compatible with the rules and the minimum limit of 3 cards per meld must be followed.No card on the table can be returned to a player's hand or to the draw pile. Players who don't play any card or meld must draw a card from the pile and wait for their next turn to play.

On Mexe-Mexe, there is no discard or trash pile.When the turn timer expires and a player is still playing, if there are any illegal melds remaining on the table, all the player movements and plays done so far are undone, and the game is returned to the state it was in at the start of that player's turn. The player then receives a card from the draw pile and has to wait until their next turn to play.

How to Play

Learn how to play Move Move on GameVelvet. It's easy and fun. To start, is important to know 3 specific movements in this game:

1. On Mexe-Mexe you can change any meld on the table, as long as you play at least one card from your hand. You can separate any meld to form new melds.

2. You can only draw from the pile when you don't have cards to play or don't want to. But, in this case, you have to wait until your next turn to play.
3. You can play cards on the table and return cards to your hand, if you give up on a play or can't close new melds. But you can't take cards that were already on the table.
4. Melds formed by the same cards can repeat the same suit, even when formed by only 3 cards.

Points System

The points of the game are calculated after the players who have the worst result, meaning the player who ended up with the most points on hand.After the points of the biggest loser are calculated, the points of each player are reduced by this number to get the final points of each player.On Mexe-Mexe there is no ties criteria.

Did You Know?

Playing Move Move is an excellent exercise to stimulate a bigger vision of situations and train your spatial perception, as you have to finish the game before the opponents and use your logic and strategic thinking to view all the possibilities of combinations in the game to be a good player.

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