The game has four players, forming duos, each duo member sitting apart from each other.

  • Players - 4.
  • Bones or tiles - 28 pieces with sides going from 0 to 6.
  • Distribution - 7 bones for each player.
  • Objective - do 50 points.


  • Domino Tile - is a two-sided piece,each side with a number (examples: 2-5, 6-6, 0-1). Also known as Bone.
  • Lay tiles - when a bone is played side by side to another that matches, having the same number as the unmatched side(example: 2-5 matches 5-6).
  • Table ends - are the unmatched pieces from the table, open for other bones that match to be played
  • Pass the turn - when a player can't lay any tiles for lacking a bone with the same number as the table ends.
  • Blocked game - when no player has a tile that fits the numbers on the table ends.
  • Blocking the game - when a player lays a bone that blocks the game.
  • To go out - when a player has no tiles left and has laid all of his hand pieces

The game

All tiles are shuffled at the table and the players draw 7 bones esch. The leader or starting player is the one with the 6-6 tile. He starts laying the tile at the center of the table. From there, the order is in a conter-clockwise fashion. Each player must try to match his hand tiles with the ones by the table ends, one at a time. When a player is able to lay a matching piece, his turn ends and the next player turn starts. In case this next player lacks a matching bone, he must pass the turn, without playing any tiles. The match can end two ways: when a player goes out, using all the tiles from his/her hand or when someone blocks the game. When a new round starts, the first to play is the player who is by the right side of the previous starting player.


In case any player goes out, his duo will receive the sum of all numbers in tiles left on the adversaries hands. In case the game blocks, both duos sum their tiles values. The duo with a lesser sum is the winner, scoring the sum of the other duo as points. In case of a new tie (after the sums) the blocking duo loses and the winners score the adversaries sum. A new round starts and the game ends when a duo hits 50 points.

Tiles value

The value (in points) of the tiles is equal to the sum of each side of the bone. This way, the double O (0-0) is worth 0 points, the tile 3-4 is worth 7 points, the double 6 (6-6) are worth 12 and so on.

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