• Players - 2
  • Deck - 1 deck with 52 cards
  • Objective - Make the opponent reach 100 points or more
  • Knock out - Action that makes the game end. Consists in discarding 1 card with the face down and show your melds. It is only permitted to knock out wen your "firewood" sums up 7 or less points.
  • Firewood - Points of the leftover cards from your hand, after revealing your combinations.
  • Meld cards to your adversaries combinations - When there are leftover cards onn the hand of the player who knocked out, the adversary has the possibility of melding his/her cards to the knock out player combinations on the table.
  • Combinations - 3 or more cards set of the same number and 3 or more cards from the same suit in order, with the Ace always being the 1.
  • Knock out without cards - Knock out without having any cards in your hand (firewood 0)
  • Joker - There is a Joker, and it's the Ace of Diamonds.

The Game

7 cards are dealt to each player and 1 card is placed face up in the trash. The remaining cards in the deck are placed stacked face down on the table.

Each player must choose between buying a card from the deck or the trash and then discarding a card, passing the turn to the other player and so on until one of the players knock.

Each player, in turn, after drawing a card (and before discarding), has the option to knock. The knock occurs with a discard with the card face down. The player who knock must meld their games on the table and the remaining cards in the hand must count 3 or less points.

After a player knock, the opponent must also show his games. If the knocker has a card in his hand after showing his games, the opponent may also fit cards in his melds.


Card points: Ace (except for diamonds) = 1 point; 2 to 7, Jack, King bed = value equal to the number; Ace of Diamonds (Wildcard) = 25 points

At the end of each game, the value of each player's deadwood will be added to their respective scores.

If a player knock without cards in his hand, 10 points will be deducted from his score. If he knock without cards in his hand and making a single sequence of 7 cards using the wildcard (Ace of diamonds), 25 points will be deducted from his score. And if he hits without cards in his hand and making a single sequence of 7 cards without using the wildcard, he wins the game automatically

Match points are added up until a player has 100 or more points in total, then the game is over

The player who reaches 100 points first loses, giving victory to his opponent. If both players score 100 or more points, the game with the lowest score wins. If both have the same score above 100, the game ends in a draw

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