The GameVelvet Battleship is an adaptation of the classic version with new special and more strategical features. This game is played by 4 people. There is 1 game board for each one: a total of 4 game boards.

  • Number of players: 4
  • Number of game boards: Four 14x14 game boards, that is, 14 rows and 14 columns of squares.
  • Number of ships: Each player has 6 ships:
    • 1 Corvette;
    • 1 Submarine;
    • 1 Frigat;
    • 1Destroyer;
    • 1 Cruiser;
    • 1 Aircraft-Carrier;
  • Number of buoys: Each player has 3 buoys.
  • Object of the game: To be the last player to have a ship floating.

The Game

The game is divided into 2 phases: The ships deployment and the battle itself.

Ships Deployment

In the first phase, you must deploy your ships throughout your field. They are randomly placed on the board in the beginning of the game. To redeploy them, click on the ships to select them, mouse-drag them to any other position and drop them on the spot you desire. You can also right-click on the ships to rotate them. It's not possible to overlap them.

Once your ships are properly deployed on the board, click on the ?Ready!? button. To avoid an accidental click on that button, you must click on, at least, one ship before the ?Ready!? button is activated. If you want to keep the original deployment, place the ship where it already was.

You've got 90 seconds to deploy all your ships. When that time's up, the system takes it you're ready. Once the players are all set, the game begins.


On your turn, you must fire using your ships. To do so, first click on a ship, then click on a square on the opponent's game board in order to shoot there. If your cursor becomes red, it means you can't fire on that square.

A ship can fire only once per turn. So select a ship and choose which action it will carry out in that round. When you're ready, click on the ?Fire? button. This enables all ships to fire and resume your round.

A ship may also skip its turn during a round. In that case, it gets a bonus of 75 points in firepower (see below).

Firepower and Special Shots

Every ship has a given firepower ranging from 0 to 1000. That firepower is used by the ship to fire specials shots which are much harder-hitting than the ordinary ones. There are several ways to get your special firepower:

  • Firing your opponent's ship at the first shot (+200)
  • Skipping a shooting round (+75)
  • Hitting an opponent (from 50 to 100)
  • When the enemy misses a shot around the ship (several possibilities)
  • When a ship is hit by the opponent's shot (1000 divided by the amount of shots a ship can withstand). The number of squares a ship takes up is the number of shots it is able to withstand.

To use a special shot, just select it on the bottom left console of your screen before you choose your target. You can either use one special shot or an ordinary one during a round.


When a ship is hit for the first time, all 8 squares around the first hit square are BLOCKED. Players can fire at none of the blocked squares until the player who fired and caused the blockade reaches his/her turn to play.

Special abilities always reach the target right on its midpoint and outwards to its edges. Larger ships always fire first.

Sinking Ships and Winning the Game

To sink a ship, just hit it in all squares it occupies. Your opponent is defeated once all his/her 6 ships are sunk. You don't have to hit your opponent's buoys to defeat him/her.

The buoys are a special case in this game. They take just one square and never appear as a sunk piece after being hit. The other players will only realize a buoy has sunk after hitting all the neighboring squares (ranks and files) around it.

Ship Description

  • The Corvette
    • Size: 1x2
    • Role: Defense and Intelligence
    • Special abilities: Shield and Spy Satellite.
      • The Shield: This feature provides a 3x3 shield over your very field. It is able to withstand up to 5 shots before being destroyed. It cannot be used over the Corvette itself.
      • The Spy Satellite: This feature reveals all ships and buoys on the surface in the designated area and shows their precise deployment in the field. It doesn't work on submarines.
  • The Submarine
    • Size: 1x3
    • Role: To be offensive in designated areas and intelligently perform.
    • Special abilities: Torpedo and Sonar
      • Torpedo: Once launched, it slowly moves in a straight line through one of the two neighboring game boards. It's not possible to launch a torpedo onto the opposite game board. If it intercepts a ship along its way, it explodes and strikes a 3x3 area regardless the shields. Torpedoes bypass destroyed ships.
      • Sonar: It reveals any ship or submarine deployment in the designated area.
  • Frigate
    • Size: 1x3
    • Role: To be offensive in a large scale
    • Special Abilities: Rockets and Ballistic Missile
      • Rockets: The Frigate launches rockets at random onto a large area. All squares in the area have a 50% chance of being hit by a rocket. Highly effective against large vessels such as Aircraftcarriers, Cruisers and Destroyers.
      • Ballistic Missile: It destroys all the squares in the designated area. However, it enables all players to know where your Frigate is.
  • Destroyer
    • Size: 1x4
    • Role: Intelligence and Anti-Submarine Technology
    • Special Abilities: Depth Charges and Radar
      • Depth Charges: This ability reaches a large area. However, they can only hit submarines. All the other vessels are bypassed.
      • Radar: This ability spots vessels on the surface within a large area. However, it is not able to spot submarines.
  • Cruiser
    • Size 1x5
    • Role: Offensive Concentrated Attacks
    • Special abilities: Artillery and Heavy Artillery
      • Artillery: This is the weakest and cheapest ability in the game. It can only hit a 2x2 area.
      • Heavy Artillery: It can hit a larger area: 3x3
  • Aircraftcarrier
    • Size: 2x6
    • Role: Offensive and Strategical
    • Special abilities: Linear Bombardment and Electromagnetic Pulse
      • Linear Bombardment: It hits 8 squares along a row or column. Right-click to rotate the target area.
      • Electromagnetic Pulse: It bars all the opponent's vessels from performing for 2 rounds in a row. It is the most powerful ability in this game.
  • Buoy
    • Size: 1x1
    • Role: Strategical
  • Strategy

    There are numerous ways to play the GameVelvet Battleship.

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