All Fives Dominoes Rules

The game has four players, divided in two teams, sitting on alternate positions

  • Players - 4.

  • Dominoes – 28 bones with sides ranging from 0 to 6.

  • Distribution - 7 bones to each player.

  • Objective - reach 100 points.


  • Domino – it's a a rectangular bone with a line dividing its face into two square ends, each end is marked with a number of spots (exemples of bones: 2-5, 6-6, 0-1).

  • To Match bones - when a bone is placed next to another one it must have at least one number in common (eg 2-5 goes with 5-6).

  • Game's extremity – is the bones placed at the end of a line with their square ends available to be matched.

  • Pass – when a player doesn't have any bones to match with any of the extremities.

  • Blocked game – when neither player has a bone to match the extremities.

  • Block the game - when a player plays a bone which is responsible for locking the game

  • End of the game - The game ends when one player wins by playing their last bone

The game

The bones are shuffled on the table, and each player gets 7 bones to play. The player who starts the game is the one who gets the bone 6-6. He starts the game by putting this bone on the table. From there on, the play proceeds clockwise. Each player must try to match some of his bones with the one that are on the game's extremities, one bone at a time. When a player matches a bone, the following player must play. If the player doesn't have any bones to match with the extremities, he passes his turn. The game may end in two circumstances: when a player plays his last bone, or when the game is locked.


After a player has emptied their hand, thereby winning the game for their team, the score consists of the total pip count of the losing teams' hands. In blocking games, all the points scored by each team are counted. The team that has fewer points is the winner, and takes all points from their opponent. If the score is tied, the team that blocked the game, lose, and the winning team takes all points from their opponent. The winning team have their points accumulated, and the game ends when a team reaches 100 points.


Each bone is worth the sum of its two values . Thus, the bone 0-0 is worth 0 points, the bone 3-4 is worth 7 points, the bone 6-6 is worth 12 points and so on.

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