The Game

Eureka is a GameVelvet exclusive, where the objective is forming words and scoring the highest number of points, as fast as you can.


General Rules:

Eureka consists in combining letters to form the highest number of words, at the lowest time possible.

The players take turns as leaders, depending on the speed they form known and unique words.

The first to reache the check-point score extra points, but unlocks an extra letter to his/her opponents, making the game more challenging and thrilling.

There are 4 check points (blue tiles) at the board.

The winner is the one who scores more points at the end of the match.

The match happens in 3 rounds. Each round, a different challenge:

Round 1 - Forming Words: the players recieve 6 letters and must form words with 4 to 10 letters.

Round 2 - Completing Word: a total of 20 words, using all the alphabet's letters.

Round 3 - Completing with Sufixes: The player must complete the already initiated waords with sufixes.

At Eureka words game isn't possible to repeat or invent words. When that happens, a message alerts the player, that can insert a new option or "jump" the word.

No accentuation needed so you can play faster.

How to play

1. Heat up your braincells, a race on your mind is about to start!

words with: ROB...

The game happens in a 21 tiles board, with:

1 Start

4 Check-points (blue tiles)

15 Advance Points (white tiles)

1 Finish Line

There are 4 participants, each represented by a

coloured piece: red, yellow, purple and green.

You can play against other people, in real-time

or against Game Velvet's bots.

The dispute happens simultaniously for the 4 players.

2. Ready, set, go: now it's about thinking fast and be ahead!

The challenge is forming the highest number of words as fast as possible. Each valid word makes you advance through the board. The objective is to end the turn ahead from your opponents and with the highest score.

Join letters, form words and asvance through the tiles: ewrite words with a maximum of 10 letters using the available ones from the panel. Each written word makes your piece move one tile. The same happens with your opponents, that move in real-time.

Be faster and control the check-points: there are 4 check-points at the board, the blue tiles. The first player to reach the check-points score extra points and unlocks a bonus letter to the opponents, making the game more challenging.

Be the first and be rewarded:Chegue na frente e ganhe bônus: othe player that reaches the last tile of the board scores extra points, raising their final score.

3. Each round, a different challenge:

1st Round: form words with the 6 presented letters, with a minimum of 4 and a max of 10 letters.

2nd Round: the challenge is completing the words presented at the panel using any letter from the alphabet.

3rd Round: the challenge is to complete the pre-written words with sufixes.



1st Round: The words are worth according to the number of letters; more letters, more points. Each check-point bonus is worh 500 points.

2nd Round: Each word is worrth 500 ponits, each check-point bonus is worth 500 points. Each skipped word discounts 200 points.

3rd Round: Each letter added to the original prefix is woth 150 points; each check-point bonus is worth 500 points; and each skipped worth discounts 400 points.



At the end of each round, you will see the partial score on screen, all written words by every participant and each players score.

At the end of the game, after the partial score, the winners are shown and their respective positions.

Levels and Achievements

The game Eureka has11 participation levels (Ranks) obtained with 30 achievements.


About the game words

To form the words database, we gathered infinitive and conjugated verbs, and their reunimos verbos no infinitivo e conjugados, names, popular expressions, public institution initials, neologism, slangs, hundreds of daily expressions and words from the dictionary by the thousands

The main idea is stimulating the memory and knowledge exercices through a diverse, representative and quantititavive compilation of words.

New, old, easy and complex words are allowed. Jargons and austere words. It is even allowed to JUMP WORDS, when you go blank or don't know any words. The only thing not allowed is to miss all the fun!

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