Playing Classic Online Poker at GameVelvet is pure adrenaline! The thrill is in winning or losing bets, made here in cash with no monetary value. This classic was inspired by the Brazilian version of Closed Poker, also known as 5 Card Draw (Five Card Draw or 5CD).

In this mode there are only two rounds of betting and, between one and the other, you can replace the cards to try to improve your hand. The game depends on your skill, tolerance for risks and courage to bluff!

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The Game

Poker Online The Poker objective is to win the pot, that is, to take the sum of the bets of the other players.

The pot is won during the Showdown by the best hand (highest combination of 5 cards), or by the withdrawal of all the other players.

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Set of 5 cards each player has; the hands are compared following a ranking of standard values (see Score) and, in each round, determines the players who are stronger and weaker.
Sum of the bet values made by the players during a hand
Drop or Ante
A Mandatory fixed amount that the player has to pay to enter the game; the player needs to confirm the drop payment to remain at the table; Another name is Pot.
Putting into play an amount equal to or greater than the minimum amount, and equal to or less than the table bet limit (if there is any). Bet.
Covering the bet
Deposit an amount equal to that wagered by the 1st player; also known as Call or Bet the Pot.
Raise bet
Depositing a higher amount than what was wagered, requiring the following players to cover their bet or fold; also known as Raise or Raise the Pot.
Give up playing a hand so you don't lose anymore; also known as Fold, Pass or Drop.
second largest, and their suit will always be Hearts; also called "7 de copas";";";";"bundles/MegaJoker/trunk/src/com/fontec/megasite/MessagesBundleTrucoPage#page_definition_9
Place or raise a bet in possession of a weak or zero hand, in the hope that other players believe you have the best hand of the round and ask to run, leaving the round.To bluff.
Moment when everyone who stayed at the table shows their cards (hands); whoever has the best combination wins the game and the entire stake. The exception is if everyone, but one person, passes. In this case, whoever stayed at the table wins the total bet but does not show their cards. In the case of a tie, the value is divided equally among the winners.
When a player uses all the chips to bet or to cover a bet of equal or greater value. In doing so the player remains in the game, but if he wins he takes the amount he deposited multiplied by the number of players who finished the game. The rest is contested by the hands of the other players.
Card that is not part of the hand, but that serves to break a tie.

Sport Curiosities!

  • Poker was made official as a mental sport on April 29, 2010, by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), being considered a game of strategy and skill just like chess, bridge, checkers, among others.
  • Online poker started to blow after a $39 bet made by an American in an online qualifying tournament for the WSOP (World Series of Poker) and ended up champion of the main tournament, defeating great professionals. The guy, called Chris Moneymaker, became a millionaire as his name predestined. Awesome, isn?t it!
  • Poker players are usually classified by their typical behavior in the game, being identified by the combination of the quality of the hands played with the way of betting.

    Quality of the hands played
    Hold the Hand - participates in few hands and always plays good cards
    Open Hand - enters in any two cards, take whatever appears

    Ways to bet
    Agressive - raises bets frequently, rarely passes or checks
    Passive - pass and checks frequently, does not react to the bets/raises

    WHAT KIND OF PLAYER ARE YOU? Open Hand Hold the Hands
    Aggressive Often called a maniac, he plays a lot of hands and bluffs a lot, impacting other players who end up asking to leave. It is difficult to bluff against this type of player. Considered the most efficient style, it participates in fewer hands, but bets aggressively - rarely check or fold. It starts by holding your hand and it increases your chances of winning during the Flop. You bet and raise bets aggressively, maximizing winnings while misleading opponents. It is the style that requires greater mastery because it requires patience, discipline and boldness.
    Passive Beginners often fall into this category: they play many hands and all are weak, being swallowed up at the Showdown. That passivity makes them bet modestly and rarely raise, even when they have a good hand, failing to maximize their winnings. That is why they are considered 'small fish' and treated as a delicious bait for Poker sharks. You only play when you have a good hand, therefore playing few rounds. They often checks or leaves, even when they have a good hand. In the long run, you are always at a disadvantage because you do not maximize your earnings. They are often pressured to pass by the most aggressive players.

  • The higher the hand value, the less likely it is to appear during a game, check this out:
    Hand Example Combinations Probability
    Royal Straight Flush Royal Straight Flush - Poker 4 0.0002%
    Straight Flush Straight Flush - Poker 36 0.0014%
    Four of a Kind Quadra - Poker 624 0.0240%
    Full House Full House - Poker 3.744 0.1441%
    Flush Flush - Poker 5.108 0.1965%
    Sequence Sequência - Poker 10.200 0.3925%
    Three of a Kind Trinca - Poker 54.912 2.1128%
    Two Pairs Dois Pares - Poker 123.552 4.7539%
    One Pair Um Par - Poker 1.098.240 42.2569%
    Major Card Carta Maior - Poker 1.302.540 50.1177%

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Rules Classic Poker Texas Hold'em
Number of Players 2 to 8 2 to 10
Deck Up to 4 players: cards from 7 to Ace
5 players: cards from 6 to Ace
6 players: cards from 5 to Ace
7 players: cards from 4 to Ace
8 players: cards from 3 to Ace
Complete (without wildcards)
Dealer (Automatic Dealer) Deal the cards and define who starts the game: always the 1st player to the left of the Dealer. Deal the cards and define who starts the game: always the 1st player to the left of the Dealer.
1 Match
  1. Cards distribution
  2. Drop
  3. 1st Betting Round
  4. Card Exchange
  5. 2nd Betting Round
  6. Showdown
  1. Small Blind and Big Blind
  2. Distribution of cards (pre-flop)
  3. 1st Betting Round
  4. Opening the first 3 community cards (flop)
  5. 2nd Betting Round
  6. Opening the penultimate community card (turn)
  7. 3rd Betting Round
  8. Opening of the last community card (river)
  9. 4th Betting Round
  10. Showdown (card show)
Cards Distribution Done clockwise, one by one, until all participants have 5 cards in hand. Done clockwise, one by one, until everyone has 2 cards in hand.
Drop or Ante The amount of the drop, also known as ante, is proportional to the table buy-in and appears automatically at the start of the game. Players must agree to pay the drop to stay in the game. The chips for the drop will be disputed during the table. Big Blind and Small Blind Calls
1st Betting Round 1st player can:

Other players can:
1st player can:

Other players can
Exchange of Cards In each round, the player can exchange from 0 (zero) to 5 cards to try to get a better 'hand'. Cards cannot be exchanged
2nd Betting Round Players can perform the same actions as in the 1st betting round Happens after the FLOP (opening of the first 3 community cards)
Players can perform the same actions as in the 1st betting round
3rd Betting Round --- Occurs after the TURN (opening the penultimate community card)
Players can perform the same actions as in the 1st betting round
4th Betting Round --- Occurs after the RIVER (opening of the last community card)
Players can perform the same actions as in the 1st betting round
Showdown At the end of the second round, those who did not pass, shows their hand. Whoever has the best combination wins the game and the entire stake. At the end of the 4th round, those who did not pass, shows their hand. Whoever has the best combination wins the game and the entire stake.

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