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About Domino Online

  • Different rooms for different player's level - begginer, intermediate and advanced
  • Matched games with credit bets
  • Make your Domino plays with your friends or against the computer
  • Domino rules so you learn how to play
  • Meet people within the game's chat
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rankings
  • Participate on the tournaments and win trophies
  • Check all your statistics from the game Domino Online
  • Excelent graphics and easy gameplay

The Game

Online dominoes! Have fun playing with many players! A game of strategy and a little luck.

The game has four players, forming duos, each duo member sitting apart from each other.

  • Players - 4.
  • Bones or tiles - 28 pieces with sides going from 0 to 6.
  • Distribution - 7 bones for each player.
  • Objective - do 50 points.

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