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  • Different rooms for different player's level - begginer, intermediate and advanced
  • Matched games with credit bets
  • Make your Buraco plays with your friends or against the computer
  • Buraco rules so you learn how to play
  • Meet people within the game's chat
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rankings
  • Participate on the tournaments and win trophies
  • Check all your statistics from the game Buraco Online
  • Excelent graphics and easy gameplay

The Game

Buraco (Canasta) Online. One of the most popular online games in Brazil! Can only hit with clean canasta, there is no Joker, its not worth doing trinca, there are canastas of 1000 and 500 .


It's a 4 player game (2 pairs), that uses a standard 52 card pack, 13 cards are dealt to each player. The object is to score more points above the line.

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