Cacheta is a two to eight players game, playing individually.

  • Players - 2 to 8
  • Deck of Cards - two 52 cards deck, without the Jokers.
  • Distribution - 9 cards each player.
  • Objective - Meld sets or straights to knock out before your opponents until their score reaches zero and you're the last one left on the table.


  • Set - three or more cards from the same value but different suits, being possible to use up to 2 cards from the same suit. Example: 5 of Hearts, 5 of Clubs, 5 of Diamonds and another 5 of Diamonds.
  • Straight - three or more cards from the same suit, in sequence. The Aces can be used on both ends, before the two or after the King.
  • Flip Card - The first card from the drawing pile is placed face up and defines the trump card. It will always be the next higher card from the flip card, respecting the colour. Example: flip card is an eight of Clubs, the trumo cards will be all black nines.
  • Trump Card - the card that replaces any other in a suit or sequence.
  • Round - various plays that happens until someone knocks out.
  • Knock out - combine all nine or ten cards (the 9 recieved plus the one from drawing), melding sets and/or straights.
  • Cards order (lowest to highest): A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.
  • Pack - cards left after distribuiton.
  • Discard pile - cards that are discarded, where only the last one is visible
  • Good One - player is by the good one when he/she needs only one card to knock out.
  • Cut the Line - drawing from the discard pile at an adversary turn, only for players “na boa”.
  • Burned - when someone is by the good one and tries to cut the line but the card from the discard pile isn't the right one, that player is burned and can't cut the line anymore.

The Game

After card distribution, the top card from the pack is flipped - the Flip Card. The first player draws a card from the pack, try melding sets and straights and if possible knocks out. Discards a card setting the discard pile. When it happens, it's the next palyer's turn, following a clockwise fashion. This next player can draw from the pack or draw the last discarded card from the discard pile. The player that realizes he/she can knock out with just one more card (completing all melds) can call for the Good One. Than this player can cut the line any time he/she wants. But, if a player cuts the line but can't knock out, he/she is burned. The round ends when someone goes out. A player can do that with 9 or 10 cards. With 9, he discards the last one. With 10 there is no need to discard. Important: to knock out, any player that called for the good one can cut the line.


Each player starts with 10 points. When a player knocks out with 9 cards, each opponent looses 1 point. If it happens with 10 cards, all adversaries loose 2 points. A player that reaches 0 points is kicked from the table and the game continues until there's only one left, the winner!

At GameVelvet's ranked rooms, each player starts with 5 points.

Trump Card

Only 1 trump is allowed per set or straight

Tournament Scoring

VP (Victory Points):  The player who won will score 5 points, the second place scores 3, the third scores 2 and the fourth and last gets 0. If there is a tie, players will score 1 point if it's a third-place tie, 2 points for a second-place tie and 3 points for the first place.

GP (Game Points): The amount will be the number of games played plus the score on each game. In case a player wins the table (eliminates all opponents), he scores his number of games palyed plus one.

Knock Out

To knock out you must select all combinations (sets or straights) and then click over the table center. For a 9 card knock out, the discard must not be selected. When more than one player is by the "good one" and the discard card fits both hands, the closest to act will have the priority. Example: A player discarded a card and the other 3 players are by the good one. In case all of than can knock out with the discarded card, the next one in line has the priority. In case he/she can't knock out, the priority goes to next one in line.  

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